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This website is designed to give you access to information about the services offered by Manchester’s Specialist Limb Reconstruction Unit, based at Manchester Royal Infirmary. We hope that it will help you, as a GP or Orthopaedic Surgeon, decide if your patient could benefit from the methods of treatment that we offer.

Manchester’s hospitals house many excellent Orthopaedic Departments, who deal with the vast majority of fractures and orthopaedic problems. The service we offer complements the local service, to deal with complex limb injuries, limb deformities, osteomyelitis and non-union or malunion of fractures.

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Some clinical problems are difficult to manage with conventional treatments. This includes periarticular fractures and segmental fractures, which are not suitable for intramedullary nailing or plating. Sometimes, fractures, that have been treated, fail to unite with metalwork failure, loosening or infection. Patients may present to their GP or Orthopaedic Surgeon with limb deformities having no easy method of management. Limbs may be short from childhood disease or bone loss from a fracture. Feet may be deformed from club foot, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. These are often only amenable to particular methods, especially circular (Ilizarov) frames, to deal with the clinical problem.

Often patients have been told in the past that ‘nothing can be done’. They may have repeated GP or orthopaedic clinic attendances with no progress.

We want to make access to this treatment easy and rapid, so that patients can be treated in a timely fashion, and avoid them languishing in your hospital beds, blocking them from use by other acute patients, and being vunerable to hospital acquired infections. We can convert the non-weight bearing patient, into a weight bearing patient, to allow easier discharge planning. We will take your complex pilon fractures, shatzker 5/6 and segmental fractures.


Referrals for inpatients can be made by contacting any of our Consultants or Specialist Nurses, and outpatient attendances can be arranged direct from GPs and Orthopaedic Clinics.

For Orthopaedic Surgeons and Trainees in the region, we organise a Monolateral External Fixation Course, which provides competencies in the application of a damage control or temporary external fixator. This course has received excellent feedback from previous participants from all over the UK, and beyond.

We also run a registered charity – Orthocycle – to recycle single use devices such as orthotic boots and old surgical equipment, to pass these on to less developed nations where they would be useful.

Click on the links below to see some case histories of patients that demonstrate what we can offer. There is also guidance on making referrals and providing initial management for some problem fractures.

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